About Company

Epione is a Venture with 3 decades of Pharma experience of the master-minds. Its a dream project which is conceptualize & visualized by the Masters who dared to think beyond the obvious. The Dream project of EPIONE came into Reality with the Formation of a Epione Pharmaceuticals pvt.ltd.company by Mr. Pankajbhai Shah, as Chairman and Mr. Vipul Shah , as a Managing Director


Our Strengths:

Our Strengths: We believe in TEAM as we follow it as Together Everyone Achieves More

  • Thus we provide World class unique formulations.
  • We satisfy needs & expectations of our customers.
  • Treat our employee as an asset.
  • We build and maintain relationship at each and every level.
  • We invest in continuous improvement & excellence.
The entire Team of Epioneites is backed up with hardcore expertise in Pharma industry. Epione family is turning the Golden leaf of Vision with spread wings & faith to Breathe. Our Dream is being rolled out for the first time ...all over India.


Brand Epione & it Significance:

Epiones in-house capabilities and trusted network of partners have helped it become one of the fastest & growing company in the pharmaceutical industry. Epiones commitment to quality & uniqueness has earned the trust of its valued customers. Each product passes through a series of stringent checks and controls before being made available to the customer.


The Name Epione:

The word Epione has its own identity with a great meaning. As per Greek mythology Epione means the goddess of soothing of pain. And her husband was Ascalapius who was father of medicine. In other view Epione is Epi + One = Above + One which means we strive for excellence


The Logo & colour:

The logo comprises of a leaf which symbolize the natural cycle of life. Every natural leaf has its own uniqueness so as Epione. In other view logo is mirror image of E which represents reflection of life. Green colour in logo signifies shades of nature.